Duty First, People Always.

There is no substitute for doing the hard work of running a business. You know where you want to go, as any good ship’s captain would. Every captain needs a navigator. And if you can find a navigator who has already “sailed these seas”’ – all the better.

Mr. Karbach has enjoyed a long career in the construction industry, having earned his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with a specialization in construction management from Rutgers University, and later acquiring his Professional Engineer’s license. He has had additional training from Harvard University, Roanoke College, the Transportation Construction Management Institute at Virginia Tech. He has also been active on corporate, industry, and non-profit boards, including an employee-owned transportation company, the Virginia Chamber of Commerce, local churches, and the HeartCry Missionary Society.

In 1996, Karbach joined Branch Highways, Inc., a leader in site and highway construction. Branch had a culture that allowed Karbach to thrive and grow quickly. During his time there, he participated in and ultimately drove organizational changes to meet the ever-changing needs of the industry’s markets and challenges of growth ambitions. He became president of Branch Highways at age 41; CEO of parent company The Branch Group, Inc. at 44; and chairman of the board at 47. Karbach initiated and oversaw multi-year, long-range strategic planning and management processes, including the transitions and integrations of six company presidents among multiple operating companies.

Toward the end of his career at Branch, Karbach initiated a Leadership Development Program to grow meaningful accountability through improved transparency. His proudest professional accomplishment successfully addressed long-range ESOP liability and oversight challenges and ensured the company would retain its ESOP culture and be positioned to fulfill its promises to Plan Participants.

“None of these achievements would have been possible without the team at Branch, and the guidance of those who invested in me and others. Now I’m ready to take that experience and return the favor to business owners and organizational leaders who are facing challenges. From the bid room, to the job trailer, to the board room – I can help.”

– Will Karbach
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